New Customer Special: Why Make the Switch to Boost Mobile

By Boost Mobile

calendar icon Published November 2, 2023

Ready for impeccable service, the latest phones, and incredible savings on your monthly wireless bill without sacrificing quality? It’s time to switch your cell phone carrier to Boost Mobile — one of the most affordable carriers on the market, especially with our current new customer switch special offer.

Why You Should Switch to Boost

With the new customer switch special at Boost Mobile, you get your first month of unlimited data for $12.50/month! After your first month, it’s just $25/month from there on. This is a great opportunity to save money on your wireless bill, especially if you're currently paying a lot more for a similar plan from a major carrier. Boost Mobile doesn't have any contracts or hidden fees, so you can switch to Boost Mobile and cancel at any time without a penalty.


Plus, enjoy these features, available to all Boost Mobile members:

-        Plans starting as low as $15/month - “you have the power to keep more money where it belongs…in your pocket.”

-        Affordable Connectivity Program

-        America’s largest 5G networks

-        eSIM compatible

-        No credit checks

-        No annual contracts

-        No overage fees

-        No roaming charges

Here Are Some Great Things You Can Get With Us

-        Phones from top-tier manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Motorola

-        Choose from basic flip phones to ultra-powerful smartphones

-        Unlimited data

-        Unlimited talk and text

-        Mobile hotspot

-        Exclusive perks program

-        International calling

-        Device protection


Boost Mobile offers incredible value in unlimited wireless. If you're looking for an affordable and reliable wireless plan, Boost Mobile is a great option. To switch cell phone carriers, visit one of our stores or use our website. You can also bring your own unlocked phone or purchase a new one from Boost Mobile.

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